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We dont provide any Free Trial.Best Register for Free and view our Free stock view, Market view (dont trade with that), past report performance.If you are satisfied then think for Paid Trail or Monthly package.We never call / disturb you for any monthly subscription.
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About US

We provice our service ,focus on technical analysis and fundamental analysis to understand share market trend.Our objective is to protect capital first and then searching for profit.We are always with you to guide you best in stock market and hence introduce different schemes for traders / investors.

Our services include intraday equity tips on cash market as well future market. Nifty trader can trade from our nifty future package. Those who do not work in stock future market but like to trade with nifty future we just simply provide them nifty future tips only and nse stock tips/equity cash market calls. In stock future segment we belief minimum trade with maximum accuracy so , trader can earn maximum profit with limited amount of investments.Those who are not comfortable with our nse intraday calls they can go for our delivery/ short term or swing trading calls with minimum holding period and can easily achieve some return with in one or two weeks.Moreover we always try to send stock pricing between rs 50 to rs 300 so small trader can enjoy our service.




Why Join With Us

We will try our best to make you profit.We provide our service at affordable price. We always try to send best stock tips from rs 50 to rs 300 so small trader can enjoy our service.You will get stock market movement or nifty support & resistance daily that help you to understand stock market condition at opening bell and you will also get Intraday stock trading tips with buying,selling level,target and with stop loss & follow up calls.

In our service you will get intraday stock tips in equity market & stock future tips and this also includes btst calls and stbt calls.We also provide nifty future tips.In nifty future you will get long and short positional calls ,intraday calls,btst calls or stbt calls.In cash market & stock future market we also provide intraday calls,delivery calls or stock trading calls/ stock trading tips at opening and during live market hours .You will also get nifty support , nifty resistance and nifty view with market movement.All calls will be sent by SMS only.Before subscribe to our service check our free stock view from our website and past performance......

Our Accuracy

Generally accuracy is calculated based on market performance and market is very much uncertain to predict.So it is very difficult to achived accuracy level 100% and even more difficult to pre-determine the accuracy level.As per as accuracy is concern,you can check our past performance and can expect up to 80% accuracy on monthly average..

Grow your capital with our advice